24 Month Limited Warranty

National Gear Repair Inc. (herein referred to as “National Gear”) warrants that the provided mechanical services and manufactured parts will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years. Products purchased by National Gear from a third party for resale to Buyer shall carry only the warranty extended by the original manufacturer to Buyer. National Gear’s sole obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing, replacing or allowing credit for, at National Gears option, any part which under proper use and maintenance proves to be defective in material or workmanship provided that notice of any such defect and satisfactory proof thereof is promptly given in writing by Buyer to National Gear and thereafter such part is returned to National Gear, with transportation charges prepaid, and National Gears examination proves that material or workmanship to have been defective. Buyer’s used parts returned to Buyer for continued use, whether part of an assembly or as a single part, are not covered under this warranty.

This warranty does not apply in respect of damage to any part, product or accessory or attachment thereof caused by normal wear and tear, overloading, misuse, neglect or accident, nor does this warranty apply to any part, product or accessory or attachment thereof which has been repaired or altered in any way which, in the sole judgment of National Gear, affects the performance, stability or general purpose for which it was intended. If a mechanical failure is suspected by the Buyer it is the Buyer’s responsibility to cease use in order to prevent escalating damage.

Buyer agrees that in no event shall National Gears liability to Buyer and or its end-use customers exceed the price paid by Buyer for those specific goods or services provided by National Gear that gave rise to the claim or cause of action. Buyer agrees that in no event shall National Gear be liable for incidental, indirect, consequential or punitive damages. Buyer expressly acknowledges and agrees that National Gear has set its prices and entered into this agreement in reliance upon the limitations of liability and other terms and conditions specified herein, which allocate the risk between National Gear and Buyer and form a basis of bargain between the parties. It is expressly understood that any technical advice furnished by National Gear with respect to the use of goods is given without charge, and National Gear assumes no obligation or liability for the advice given, or results obtained, all such advice being given and accepted at Buyer’s risk.

All mechanical units are shipped without lubrication or recommendations of lubrication type. Buyer is responsible to notify National Gear if any mechanical unit is intended to be stored long-term so that special preparations for storage can be made. Selecting and applying lubrication and priming lubrication pumps, if any, prior to start up is the sole responsibility of the Buyer or end-user. Field installation and alignment is the responsibility of the Buyer or end-user unless specific arrangements with National Gear are made otherwise.

Should you have an issue with your product after repair please give us a call or email immediately regarding the issue in order to make arrangements with us to pick up the product to inspect at our shop or to send a trained technician to your facility to investigate the cause. Please do not investigate the issue with your team or a third party repair center without our approval as we will not be able to support a warranty claim if the internals or housing of the product is tampered with in any way. Throughout the repair the product is photographed to showcase the steps in the repair process should a warranty claim come in and the gearbox has been tampered with. All services rendered require trained and experienced National Gear Repair Technicians to perform the rebuild. We cant be held liable for damage to the gearbox which occurs via unvetted mechanics working on the product without our approval.

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